Night Guards & Stayplates

Mouth Protectors in Tustin, CA
Skylab Dental Laboratory uses advanced dental material to provide the most comfort and protection, bite -splints, night guards and stayplates. They are durable and individually molded to custom fit patients with bruxism. Offer your patients night guards and stayplates to alleviate pain caused from grinding their teeth and prevent further dental damage.
Night Guards and Stayplates Tustin, CA
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Night Guards and Stayplates

Conventional- Fully removable, this denture is placed into your mouth after all teeth have been removed and gum tissues have healed.
4+ teeth (2 wire clasp) Removable partial dentures for four or more teeth, without the build of a bridge.  
Night Guard & 2 Ball Clasp (Hard) Custom-fitted night guard with ball clasps to increase retention of the mouth guard placement.
Soft Night Guard Capture the impression of your patient’s bite to properly fit a small fitting and comfortable night guard.
Hard / Soft Night Guard (Erkoloc-Pro) The Comfort H/S (Hard/Soft) Bite Splint is fabricated from Erkoloc-Pro. Made with copolyester and polyurthane discs, these night guards are BPA-free and non-allergenic.
Bleaching Trays Moldable trays used for teeth whitening.

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