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Providing Denture Accessories in Tustin, CA
Skylab Dental Laboratory offers a variety of denture accessories for your patient’s needs. Our extensively trained dental lab technicians customize all denture accessories to suit your patient’s requirements.
Dental Accessories Tustin, CA
Full Dentures
Replacing Missing Teeth
Night Guards & Stayplates
Comfortable Mouth Protectors
Dental Crowns
Restoring Damaged Teeth
Relines & Repairs
Fix and Improve Fittings


Our full dentures use long fibers for a natural feel, gingival toners for unsurpassed natural look and custom teeth setup for excellent esthetics. Our goal is to provide your patients with a durable, natural looking set of teeth they can be proud of.


Shade Change- Adjust the color of the dentures to match the shade of teeth.
Soft Liner- Spongy material lined between the hard base of the denture and the soft tissues of the mouth. Provides temporary relief from loose dentures.
Clear Palate- Provide your patient with a clear palate to guarantee their natural tissue color will show through. Reducing the notice of wearing denture.
Cast Palate- Avoid breaking or cracking dentures by placing a cast palate to an upper full denture.
Cast Mandibular Base- Avoid breaking or cracking dentures by placing a cast palate to a lower denture.
Cu-Sil Gasket- Acrylic tissue-bearing appliance, clasping each natural tooth.
Denture Labels- Labeling dentures can be important in identification of owner.
Custom Trays & Bite Blocks- Provide custom trays and bite blocks for mold impressions taken for dentures and bite registrations.
Denture Cleaning- Professional denture cleaning and care prevents built up stains and tartar for a long lifespan of dentures.
Mesh Reinforcement- Mesh reinforcement enhances the framework strength for full dentures and guards against failure and breakage.
Reset Finished Denture (Quadrant)- Fix the discomfort of dentures biting into cheeks or tongue by resetting posteriors.

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