Dental Crowns

We Offer Various Materials for Dental Crowns in Tustin, CA
Dental crowns help restore damaged teeth to their normal shapes and sizes to improve their strength and functionality. The materials we use for our dental crowns vary to personally fit your patient’s condition. We offer ceramic, porcelain, porcelain fused to a metal structure, and metals of high noble and non-noble. Consider the various material used as it affects the esthetics, strength, and durability of the dental crowns.
Dental Crowns Tustin, CA
Full Dentures
Replacing Missing Teeth
Night Guards & Stayplates
Comfortable Mouth Protectors
Partial Dentures
Restoring Natural Smiles
Relines & Repairs
Fix and Improve Fittings

Metal Free Dental Crowns

Brux Zir – Solid Zirconia
Composite Inlays and Onlays
Full Solid Zirconia (Anteriors) 2 Layers
Full Solid Zirconia (Posteriors)
IPS e.max CAD
IPS e.max Press
Prismatik Zirconia
Sirona Connect
Veneers (Porcelain)

Implant Dental Crowns

PFG 2% Gold
PFG 40% Gold
PFG 70% Gold

Custom Abutment

Inclusive Titanium Abutment
Inclusive All Zirconia Abutment
Inclusive All Zirconia with Titanium Base
Gold Abutment 40% Gold

Porcelain Fused to Metal Dental Crowns

PFG 2% White Gold Noble
PFG 40% White Gold H-Noble
PFG 74% Yellow Gold Noble
Maryland Bridge (one pontic, two wings included)

Full Metal Restoration

Full Metal Crown
Full Gold Crown
Crown Fit to Partial
Rest Seat
Porcelain Margin
Cast Post Non Precious
Estetic Temp

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